Amanda Stokes Tent Veterans Roll Call

These are Civil War Soldiers and Sailors, the states they came from, and are the ancestors of our members.

Achey, Henry, Pvt., KS Militia

Ahlvers, Frederick, Pvt., IL

Arnold, Alexander, Sgt., KS

Barnhouse, William, Pvt., WV

Bates, Edward, Pvt., OH

Beers, John, Pvt., PA

Bilderback, Jesse Lowe, Pvt., IN

Bohanan, Sylvester, Pvt., MN

Boley, David Dower, Sr., Pvt., WV

Brown, Charles Cunningham, Pvt., WI~GAR

Caldwell, Oscar W., Capt., IL

Child, Oscar, Pvt., ME

Clark, Stephen Lamont, Pvt., OH-GAR

Clauch, William B., 1st Lt., MO

Damoude, Edwin H., Pvt. WI-GAR

Faust, Joseph, Pvt., OH

Fielding, Joesph G., Pvt., 15th Reg., CO B, 

Volunteer Infantry, MI

Frederic, George, Pvt., MN

Freeze, Israel, Pvt., PA

Frost, Benjamin Alonzo, Pvt., MO

Garrison, John J.,, Pvt., OH

Gaston, Henry Owen, Pvt., IL

Gordon, John, Seaman USS Kingfisher

Harris, William, Lt., MA~GAR ME

Hart, William, Cpl., PA

Hartwell, Foster, Rev., NY

Henry, Aaron R., Pvt., PA

Hilborn, John, Pvt., NY 

Jones, Elbert Sgt., TN

Kline, Mathew, Pvt., WI~GAR 

Ladd, Henry, Pvt., KY

Langston, J.P.C., Corp. MO

McDaniel, William H., Pvt.,  MO 

Mc Knight, Jacob, Pvt., IN


     Miles, Joseph Decker, 1st Lt., IA

Mooers, Henry, Pvt., MN 

Morton, Alvin, Pvt., !A 

Overhiser, William Barney, Pvt., IN

Page, Samul Harrison, Pvt., IN

Peck, Sheldon Moses, Pvt., 1A~GAR,

Perkins, John P., Pvt., WI

Pitcock, Leonard Jackson, Pvt., KY

Putenney, Russell, Cpl., IL

Randall, William, Pvt., MN

Reed,Charles, Pvt., IA

Reeves, John, Pvt., IL

Sayer, Lafayette, Pvt., WV

Schwietering, Herman Henry, Pvt., PA

Simpson, Benjamin F.,Pvt., ME

Smiley, Riley M., Pvt., MO

Sparks, Thomas  Jesse, Pvt., Cavalry, IN

Streeter, John, Pvt., NY Infantry

Tannahill, Willaim, Pvt.,  1A 

Taylor,Mathew, Pvt., 1A

Tyler, Samuel, Pvt., IL

Van Sickel, Isaac Hardin, Pvt., PA

Veatch, James Clifford, Brigadier General, Reg. 25., Infantry, IN

Walker, Peter G., Pvt., MI

Ward, Charles T., MI

Warner, Walter D., Pvt., IA

White, Samuel David, Sr., Pvt., IL

Wickham, Orison, Pvt., IA~GAR

Wilson, James Henry, Pvt., ME

Wilcox, James H., Pvt., MO

Witt, Samuel C., Pvt., IL & IN~GAR

Amanda Stokes Tent 87 ~ Department CA/NV